How to install Texas Poker Keyboard Theme APK at

Good News!【3rd Aug. ~ 20th Aug.】 Price of PAID or FREE TRIAL Themes/Dictions/Fonts in TouchPal Keyboard store will be 30% discount off in Taiwan, Hongkong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Viet Nam. Don't be late! Come and have a try!

New Free Trial TouchPal Texas Poker Koala Keyboard Theme will bring your keyboard & text input a real new look & feel. Check this personalized design for your TouchPal Keyboard right now! Go and get it! What's more, hundreds of free and beautiful themes, such as Neon Blue Keyboard, Neon light keyboard and Rainbow Easter Egg Keyboard, Sexy Banana Keyboard, etc. are waiting for you.

★ Notice ★
-To activate the Free Trial TouchPal Texas Poker Keyboard Theme, you need TouchPal Keyboard or above, which is chosen by over 300 million people worldwide.
-Click here to install TouchPal Emoji Keyboard for free.

★ Want more themes? ★
-Tap 'Themes' icon within the TouchPal logo on the toolbar, tons of fancy hot themes there.

★ Find more daily updated news and latest themes just follow us on Facebook! ★
★ You are also welcomed to share advices about our theme or tell us what kind of theme is your favorite. Maybe next time you will find it! ★
★ You can also connect with our other top fans. ★

★ Free Features of TouchPal Emoji Keyboard ★
-900+ colorful & cute Emoji, emoticons and smileys for free.
-Works for all applications, including many popular apps: Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Whatsapp, Wechat, Google Talk, Line, etc.
-Support all fancy keyboard themes.
-Customizable keyboard themes, emojis and 85+ languages are all in one FREE TouchPal Emoji Keyboard.

***If you like this keyboard theme, please support us by rating it ★★★★★
***More ideas & feedback? Contact us by email: [email protected]

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How to download Random TV APK at

تطبيق يشمل جميع القنوات الخاصة بمزودي الانترنت في العراق.

الشبكات المدعومة :
- ايرثلنك
-IQ Network
-فوكس نت
-برود باند
-كيكا نت
-فاست عراق
-هالة سات
-بغداد لنك
-سوبر سيل
-سكوب سكاي

مميزات التطبيق :

* مشغل فديو سريع حتى لو كان الاتصال بطئ مبنى على مشغل اليوتيوب (ExoPlayer).

* يدعم جميع اصدارات الاندرويد من 2.0 واعلى.

* يدعم جميع اجهزة الاندرويد ومختلف الاحجام ويدعم الهواتف بالابعاد الجديدة 18:9 ويدعم شاشات التلفاز العاملة بنظام الاندرويد ايضا.

* يدعم تغيير الدقة بين 240p وصولا الى 1080p يعتمد الامر على دعم القناة و الشبكة لذلك.

* يدعم تغيير القناة من داخل الفديو دون الحاجة للخروج والعودة الى القائمة الاساسية.

* يدعم نسخ رابط القنوات من داخل التطبيق وبسهولة لمشاركتها.

ويتم اضافة شبكات جديدة باستمرار.

* يدعم تشغيل القناة باي مشغل فديو مثبت في الجهاز.

* يحتوي على قسم خاص بالاخبار الرياضية ونتائج المباريات وجدول اوقات المباريات.

* يدعم التحديثات الهوائية.

* زر لاكتشاف نوع شبكتك ان كنت لا تعرفها.

* حجم صغير ومميز وجميع الصورة والايقونات محفوظة اوفلاين لتقليل استهلاك الانترنت والسرعة في التحميل.

التطبيق متوفر على منصة الاندرويد والويندوز لتحميل نسخة الويندوز زيارة الرابط داخل التطبيق

اذا تحب اضافة شبكة معينة للتطبيق الرجاء مراسلتي على معلومات التواصل المرفقة مع التطبيق.

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How to download Rainbow Snow Cone Maker Summer APK at

After the success of rainbow cotton candy maker & Diy Rainbow cupcakes maker Games frenzy proudly presents Rainbow Snow cone maker Summer a new addition to frozen food maker games.

Rainbow colors are fun violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange & red is really fun specially if these rainbow colors are in your food, infact frozen food. Are you Feeling hot this summer vacation? Lets grab some ice & make fruit snow cones with our frozen food chef in frozen snack lover carnival. Run to the summer frozen food stand nearby and grab your rainbow colored magical snow cone & rainbow colored sweet gummy candy cone. Enjoy this sweet frozen dessert when the heat is high. Cool down yourself with this yummy & icy snow cone in this summer frozen dessert maker game. If you are having sweet tooth tickle your taste buds and beat it with this sweet & cool snow cone.

Game Play & Features:
Choose the fruit snow cone shape in start and get your ice cubes. Crush them and start pouring the ball of ice into the snow cone cup. Shape it the way you want. Add cool flavor syrups with seven rainbow colors to make it colorful with a look of rainbow. Once you have made your colorful rainbow snow cone decorate it with your favorite flavor and top it with awesome toppings and addons. Your rainbow snow cone is great fun dessert. Enjoy lovely fruit snow cone cups, packing, ribbons with your snow cone and have fun in your snack carnival!

Download this summer frozen dessert maker game and serve your own snow cone with rainbow colors on your summer frozen food stand.

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How to download Sticker maker for whatsapp personal sticker maker APK at

Sticker maker for whatsapp is an android sticker maker app to create personal whatsapp stickers. now make stickers for whatsapp with fast easy crop options, cut personal photos with finger or circle or square. crop the part of an image and make a sticker for whatsapp and share them with your friends.

✔ use camera or personal gallery photos to create whatsapp stickers
✔ draw the outline of the sticker with your finger and crop photos for stickers
✔ create whatsapp stickers from any photos from your phone, this will allow you to download any transparent png images from internet and make stickers for whatsapp
✔ simple, fast and easy way to create whatsapp stickers
✔ create sticker packs for whatsapp and share with your friends

✌ If you like the app please review and rate the app on playstore.
✌ If you find any bugs or do you have any suggestions? please email us at [email protected] we are constantly working on improvements and bug fixing.

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How to install Credit Card Revealer APK at

Do you want to find and generate any bank's credit card numbers? Do you want to verify a credit card? Do you want to reveal the details of any Credit Card? Now you can generate up to 4 missing numbers of a credit card. so, Try this app. Hack a Credit/Debit Card with this app.

An Ultimate Credit / Debit card verification and generating tool.
This application provide information regarding a credit/debit card number.

Check: A Credit/Debit Card Number can be checked and validated.
Verify: A Credit / Debit Card Number can be verified with the issuing bank name and country name.
Find: A missing number from the 16-digits of the credit card can be generated and verified.
Generate: This app can generate missing number upto 4 digits.

This app can reveal certain informations on a card such as issuing bank, issuing country,
card type, card category and bank issuer number. For fetching these informations, Internet
connection is required.

This app also a virtual keypad, instruction of how to use it and supported credit card list in
the front page of the app.p

This app is only for educational purpose and security awareness.
The algorithm that has been used here is Luhn's algorithm.

Security awareness:
1. A Credit/Debit Card contains information regarding the bank, country and user account.
2. The 16-digit long number in the credit/debit card is insufficient to make any monetary transaction.
3. There are other things such as Card Expiry Date, Issue Date(optional), CVV code(behind the card)
and pin number, which can only initiate a monetary transaction. The card number alone is not enough.
4. The other things that I have mentioned above is different and unique in every other cards. So guessing
those values are impossible.
5. This app does not store any data related to credit/debit numbers. It only Calculates and Displays the
Probable numbers.

This app generates Valid Credit Numbers using mathematical concepts of probability, permutation
& combination and Luhn-10 algorithm. The card number information like bank name, country,etc.,
are fetched from a internet web server using only the first 6 digits of the credit number. This app is
only for eductaional purpose and security awareness only. This app neither intend to do any harm
nor support nor encourage any illegal activity of any kind. Please use this app wisely.

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How to install Tarot Card Reading - Love, Life & Daily Horoscope APK at

"No #1 Tarot Card Reader for free Tarot Readings"

How to know my future, what is going to happen? Any hurdles?Any doubts about you love, business or family ? Then you are at right place..

This is an Tarot Card Reader app to give you almost correct prediction of your past, present and future using tarot cards about your complete life.


✮ Get Free Tarot Readings
✮ Check Horoscope by Zodiac Sign & Full offline support
✮ The Tarot Card Card Readings available include 1 card, 3 cards & 5 cards
★ Monthly Reading
★ Will your wish be fulfilled or not?
★ 2018 Reading (Detailed 5 card reading)
★ Numerology Calculator and Horoscope
★ Love Tarot Cards
★ Daily Horoscope

Tarot card Readings Horoscope

Like common playing cards, the tarot has four suits (which vary by region: French suits in Northern Europe, Latin suits in Southern Europe, and German suits in Central Europe). Each suit has 14 cards, ten pip cards numbering from one (or Ace) to ten and four face cards (King, Queen, Knight, and Jack/Knave). In addition, the tarot has a separate 21-card trump suit and a single card known as the Fool. Depending on the game, the Fool may act as the top trump or may be played to avoid following suit.

Categories to choose from include:

★ Daily Horoscope & Tarot card readings Free
★ Life, Love, Relationships, Health, Money, Family, Friends
★ Dreams, Ambitions, Work and Career
★ Focus, Success, Luck, Marriage, Emotional and Mental State
★ Past Life, Keys of your Life, get help making a decision, yes or no
★ Birthday Reading - Coming Year Predictions
★ Your Wish Will Be Fulfilled Or Not?

How it works?

Free tarot card readings are made up of a total of 44 cards and each of them have their own meaning. There are 22 Major Arcana cards & all the cards have an upright and a reversed meaning.

These daily tarot readings can also give you a clear picture of where you have come from, where you are now, what do you want from life and how to get there. If read correctly, Tarot cards can be a huge source of guidance and help to an individual’s life. These readings require many years of experience and a good understanding of how it works so you can expect nothing but the best on this free Tarot card reading app. This is the best tarot card reading app which can provide you with most precise and accurate of tarot 2018.

The different types of free tarot readings you can avail:

Single Tarot Card Reading

This type of tarot reading is simple & extensively useful for problem solving. It is used to provide a more precise reading but you are restricted to just one single card. You can use this type of reading on our psychic reading app when looking for a more defined answer. Here the focus is kept concise and to the point. Predictions are more accurate if your questions are kept brief.

Three Tarot Cards Reading

This is one of the most well-known Tarot spreads on the Tarot card reader app. It can be considered to be one of the most powerful spreads used in a single reading for numerous questions. Whether you are looking for spiritual balance or need simple answers regarding your past, present and future; the three card reading is not restricted. It provides you the flexibility to learn almost about the consequences for any situation.

Love Tarot Card Reading

Don't you want to know about your life.. In the Love Tarot reading section, you will come across 22 Major Arcana cards where you need to take each of the cards to one of the houses. The houses comprise of different topics: love, sex, friendship, marriage, communications, partnership, present, past, future and dreams. Love Tarot helps you show all the facets of your love life. You can get guidance from the love tarot cards to help you find true love and improve ways to help you deal with problems surrounding your daily romantic life.

Best of Luck for Your Free Tarot Card Readings.

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How to download Launcher for Phone 7 & Plus APK at

the sliding screen effects,icon size, the desktop icon arrangement, capricious change, are more customization is coming soon

Launcher for Phone 7 & Plus is a stylish, smart & personalized application for your Android phone;faster, Easy to use, and even more beautiful, To give you an unprecedented experience.

Quick Touch(Fast, Convenient, Time-saving) to help you, without opening APP directly use app. More shortcuts on-line soon, please pay attention to our updates...

Are your bored with Android interface? Launcher for Phone 7 & Plus is for you! All are os10 style: ICON、operating、wallpaper、search...

Do you want intelligent app sort? Automatic sort apps to Games Media Social Shopping Travel Lifestyle Theme and system.

We believe simple and easy is the best. so it saves power and isn't stuck.

Make your exclusive interface is so simple
Sliding screen effect、test、icon、theme、wallpaper
2、Quick Touch
Fast、Convenient、Time-saving,One touch achieve
3、Hide APP
Protect your privacy,
APP didn‘t want to hide the desktop display
4、OS Search
Last used app、searches including apps,contacts,etc;
5、OS Booster
Clear the memory to make your phone run faster
6、OS Market
Gathered the world's hottest and latest games and apps

Our Home Page:
More interesting theme:

Just download and have a try!

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How to install Wild Anaconda Snake Attack Sim APK at

Slither your way in lush green forest, slay your victim with powerful coil grip. Crush their bones and make your preys delicious food in Wild Anaconda Snake Attack Sim full action packed 3D simulation game in Google play store.

Play as angry giant anaconda snake in Amazon lush green forest, slither through grassy, plains and rocky terrain or swim through swamp and lake to hunt your preys with your ultimate attacking skills. Wild Anaconda Snake Attack Sim takes you on pitiless giant anaconda life’s journey, slay your victim with super strength and powerful hunting skills. You aren’t ordinary cobra who use venom and poisonous fang to kill animals. Enjoy this RPG style game, play as big python snake a legless reptile monster in the savanna jungle area. Fight with wild beasts and predator breeds like panther, cheetah, grizzly bear, lion, wolf, gorilla and fox. Attack other animals and critters like elephant, hippo, zebra and more to make them your meal. Beware of hunter while you attack, he can kill you with his weapons. Be swift while attacking the hunter.

Feel the thrill and rush in your blood playing as big angry anaconda a pitiless and scariest predator of the savanna jungle. Born as deadly killer your task is to crush and attack crazy carnivore animals like fox, polar bear, wolf pack, lion, cheetah and panther. Use your razor sharp poisonous fangs, coil and force for brutal attack on deer, gorilla, elephant, hippo or hunter. Target anyone comes in your way enjoy life like high definition graphics with superb attacking and fighting animations. Download Wild Anaconda Snake Attack Sim for free in your phone and tablet to chase and hunt down animal in best 3D simulator game. Become giant python serpent and enjoy the thrill of attacking critters, animals, humans to make them your meal.

Awesome Features:

◆Explore open world map around forest, lake, swamp locations in free mode
◆Face 15 ultimate survival missions with multiple challenges and obstacles
◆Superb 3D graphics with lifelike ferocious animal animations and sounds to enjoy
◆Awesome gameplay with easy and smooth controls in this free game
◆Realistic serpent attacking animations and effects to enhance your gaming experience
◆Amazing real life forest environment for attacking ferocious beasts

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How to install J7 Smoke Live Wallpaper APK at

J7 Smoke Live Wallpaper android app opens the surprising picture of and Object on the screen of yours the android device. J7 Smoke Live Wallpaper android app

represents amazing features.

1.10 amazing HD wallpaper.
2.slideshow selctition option.
3.Four battery save modes.
4.Adjust the speed of Objects.
5.adjust amount of objects.
5.Select direction of falling Objects.
6.Touch response: when you touch Object change one into another Object amazing effect and with sound.
7.Object selection also available.
8. 4 type of objects is also availbale. can also select the time interval of slideshow.
10.set sound effects on/off.
11. select touch effect on/off.

The J7 Smoke Live Wallpaper android app perfectly works practically for all the android devices as with HD or with Full HD. J7 Smoke Live Wallpaper doesn't

demand payment at installation on yours the android device its tottaly free app. J7 Smoke Live Wallpaper need to be downloaded on phone and to

establish from the section Live wallpaper. J7 Smoke Live Wallpaper android app smoothly work on such phones, as Samsung Galaxy grand prime,Samsung

Galaxy grand neo,Samsung Galaxy grand s6,Samsung Galaxy j2,Samsung Galaxy j5,Samsung Galaxy j7,Samsung Galaxy note2,Samsung A8,Samsung Galaxy note3,Sony

Xperia Z5,Sony Xperia Z4,Sony Xperia C5,Sony Xperia c3,Sony Xperia t3,Sony Xperia T2 ultra,Sony Xperia t2,Sony Xperia M5 and all type of tablets.

NOTE : We have implemented a number of ad settings, ad-supported: Startapp. Advertisement can support our development free live wallpaper. Thank

you for your understanding and support, I hope you will like it, thank you.

Works for live wallpaper supported phones and tablets.Please make sure your phone support Live Wallpaper features.

TO USE: Home->Press Menu->Wallpapers->Live Wallpapers
and also on icon on your app list for use.

this app is also all type of android tablet supported.
please Rate this app and nice comment.

J7 is a trademark of Samsung Mobile Communications AB.
This app is not affiliated with or endorsed by Samsung.

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